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[movies]hunter45 - Tracey Jaquith
Hunter Lee Brown turns 45!
Keywords: happy birthday; hunter lee brown
Downloads: 59
[movies]Tracey intro for MozFest 2014 - Tracey Jaquith
short little bio/intro for MozFest 2014 (London, UK)
Keywords: MozFest; Internet Archive inside
Downloads: 137
[image]gary-sunshine - Tracey Jaquith
Gary, I mean Capa, on his mission
Keywords: sunshine; film quotes; lark
Downloads: 57
[movies]HyperGreenMagic - PoohBot Pictures
"Green Magic Man" hitting the curves on Highway 1 towards the coast, Marin County, CA on Labor Day 2014 We tried "Hyperlapse", which just came out this week, for the first time [the motorcyclists in the video] No work!
Keywords: Green Magic Man; kawasaki; ninja; ZX-6; motorcycle; turns; Highway 1; Bay Area; San Francisco; hyperlapse; time-lapse
Downloads: 550
[image]Gary on and off the Green Screen - Tracey Jaquith
Friend Gary on and off the Green Screen My friend, Gary, social-media-ed a picture of him yucking it up in front of a green screen at a job site. Needless to say, couldn't resist posting many funny pictures of places and times that Gary "was" 8-)
Keywords: greenscreen; gary; gary paolini; photo editing
Downloads: 57
[movies]June turns 40! - Tracey Jaquith
June turns 40! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Keywords: June; birthday
Downloads: 76
[movies]PoohBot Pictures logo bumper (CSS rendering only!) - Tracey Jaquith
2014 update of video bumper for PoohBot Pictures logo It uses 100% HTM + CSS (no javascript!) for all the animation, utilizing CSS transitions and CSS animations I had to use QuickTime screen capture to get the best quality I could (running in Safari -- smoothest core rendering on MacOSX Mavericks) but also fellback to ultra-smooth ELPH small camera recording of monitor You can try it in your browser, too!
Keywords: poohBot; PoohBot Pictures; logo; CSS animation; CSS rendering
Downloads: 121
[movies]Hondamatic "Decaf" oil change - 1978 Honda CB400A - Tracey Jaquith
If you've never changed your motorcycle's oil, it's surprisingly easy! I step through my bike on my 2nd oil change since buying it.
Keywords: decaf; 1978 honda; hondamatic; CB400A; project bike; oil change; motorcycle; cafe racer
Downloads: 233
[movies]decaf front brake fix -- fluid flush and bleed - Tracey Jaquith
The front brake of my 1978 Honda CB400A (baby cafe racer -- AKA "decaf") went almost dead. Here, we fix it in about 30 minutes -- my first time doing more than just an oil change or electronic reworkings! 8-) We assume somehow my brake fluid has deteriorated/aged from viscous fluid to closer to water (this naturally happens over time) and/or somehow has taken in air (which will sack your brakes entirely)...
Keywords: decaf; 1978 honda; hondamatic; CB400A; project bike; brake job; brake bleed; front brake; motorcycle; cafe racer
Downloads: 432
[movies]Millenium Falcon Holographic Projector - Tracey Jaquith
Millenium Falcon Holographic Projector This took months (maybe even 1+ year) on and (mostly) off to *finally* get working! The idea, simple enough: fit our HD projector inside a Millenium Falcon model, that projects out its front. I found a Kenner remake (slightly improved but nearly a clone) of the classic Falcon I never had as a child (hella expensive). It features: * openining cockpit, sliding chairs, 4 full-size action figures can sit * about 50 various sounds and lights (activated from abou...
Keywords: Millenium Falcon; projector; media room; electronics; maker; hack; Star Wars
Downloads: 231
[movies]burry-1905 - Tracey Jaquith
A "Blurry Trip Down Market Street" in 1905 Source from Rick Prelinger's A Trip Down Market Street Before the Fire (1905) See my original test video for how this technique was done, using ffmpeg and filtergraph techniques.
Keywords: blur; experimental video; market st; san francisco; 1905; prelinger; ffmpeg; filtergraph
Downloads: 330
[movies]blurred-lines - Tracey Jaquith
some fun with new ffmpeg filtergraph features. I had wanted to make a fully lit (eg: sunny) video be more like a dimly lit and blurry video -- using just filtergraph time shifts and blends. My plan/hope was to make areas of motion blur, and make areas that remained the same seem untouched. it worked! 8-) Original source was a shot of WWDC 2013 taken by Hunter Lee Brown. Script/source code is below...
Keywords: ffmpeg; filtergraph; filterchain; blur; experimental video
Downloads: 480
[movies]two minute countdown
fun little way to count down 2 minutes, inspired by being played off at the academy awards, hehe
Keywords: countdown
Downloads: 300
[movies]"pipe bomb" -- preview of new custom light! - Tracey Jaquith
Tracey's new iron pipe "steampunk"-like vintage bulb custom lamp. Just fitted the main parts together and did some test wiring with a dimmer circuit to see how it looks and feels before a more permanent setup/install! (Oh and it won't be on a rack when it's done -- it will be wall mounted, etc.)
Keywords: pipe bomb; iron pipe; vintage lights; custom wiring; electrical
Downloads: 202
[image]the start of our roadcycling obsession 8-) - Tracey Jaquith
the start of our roadcycling obsession 8-)
Keywords: roadcycling
Downloads: 10
[movies]hyperspacex - Tracey Jaquith
Time-Lapse of us finally moving into and wiring up our massively updated downstairs media room, playfully named "Hyperspace". We "high fived" during the multi-step new receiver awesome self-calibration, as it went around the room speaker to speaker. Each speaker working was a total celebration -- we had wired the room 4 months prior and had never checked them since then! Nervous! I "rock out" Guitar Hero style in glee as the Evil Plan all comes together, luckily, muhahhahahaaaaaa! 8-) Features: ...
Keywords: time-lapse; media room; projector room; redecoration; renovation
Downloads: 197
[movies]having fun in a twisty canyon with my "decaf" motorcycle - Tracey Jaquith
Having some fun in twisty turns in canyons in the hills near our house, with my 1978 Honda CB400a. Hunter and I were riding together -- this is footage from his helmet cam. I had just learned about 2 excellent turn techniques: (1) lift your butt up off the seat when you move into place towards hanging more off the side of the bike (instead of sliding across the seat) (2) move your head, arms, and shoulder far to the left or right of the windscreen/headlight area -- pretend like you can't see dir...
Keywords: decaf; 1978 honda; hondamatic; CB400A
Downloads: 395
[image]Us After the Fire - Tracey Jaquith
Survived bad scanning building fire, staff and data! An iPhone panorama 270 degree picture of our Friday noon open lunch showing the staff and guests to the left, and some new book scanning equipment (black clothed pods) to the right. We kept our data safe! We will rebuild!
Keywords: panorama; internet archive
Downloads: 73
[movies]New Bay Bridge Span opens -- VLOG 1st person motorcycle ride across. - Tracey Jaquith
New Bay Bridge Span opens -- VLOG 1st person motorcycle ride across. Labor Day 2013, Monday night, ~10pm The Bay Bridge opens *7 hours before* the widely reported 5am tuesday reopening, after being completely closed for 5 full days. My twin, Russ AKA "Green Magic Man" (google it ;-) (on green Ninja) and I are the first 30 vehicles on to the 8th street onramp and show you how the new Bay Bridge span looks like from a first person HD camera (courtesy of Hunter, thanks, Baby!) It is dazzling at nig...
Keywords: bay bridge; motorcycle; decaf; CB400A; grand opening; cafe racer; honda; project bike; hondamatic
Downloads: 919
[movies]php-htm-mode (emacs) demonstration video - Tracey Jaquith
This is a short video demonstrating the "php-htm-mode" code editing in emacs for when there are multiple coding languages in the file in question. The mode is tailored to intermixed PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It can be forked and extended to other languages. This is much more readable playing the "HD" option and in fullscreen mode! (due to unusual width/height of the source video screen capture.) screen shots
Keywords: emacs; php-htm-mode; code editing; php; html; css; js; javascript
Downloads: 1,053
[movies]Morgan Territory Motorcyclin' - Tracey Jaquith
After months of work, Russ finally gets his Ninja 600cc working!Hunter, Russ, and I celebrate with an 85-mile day trip during the three day weekend around Mount Diablo, through the legendary Morgan Territory.Ridden over: Oakland, Canyon, Moraga, Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Clayton, Morgan Territory, Danville, San Ramon, and home!
Keywords: decaf; cafe racer; motorcycle; honda; CB400A; harley davidson; sportster; ninja; kawasaki; farms; east bay; horses
Downloads: 1,134 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Moko Type Cover for iPad Mini review - Tracey Jaquith
Moko Type Cover for iPad Mini review Moko Key Remappings for linux/unix Geeks I use iSSH app to ssh in to my work to ubuntu unix/linux and run emacs. I've found it invaluable to remap some keys, for example: CTRL-up ==> scroll-down CTRL-left ==> beginning-of-buffer and so on. On terminal with bash w/ the keyboard in use, "showkey -a" is your friend! You can then find any tricky key combo you want to remap...
Keywords: moko; type cover; ipad mini; accessory; video review
Downloads: 703
[image]cute pic of my 1978 Honda CB400A named "decaf" - Tracey Jaquith
Cute little edited version of my 1978 Honda CB400A named "decaf"
Keywords: cafe racer
Downloads: 38
[movies]decaf -- my 1978 honda CB400A cafe racer modified bike -- part 3 - Tracey Jaquith
Short video of my 1978 Hondamatic CB400A running, with consolidated instruments and LEDs working.
Keywords: cafe racer; CB400A; hondamatic; project bike
Downloads: 930 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[image]pooh gets some wheels - Tracey Jaquith
pooh gets some wheels
Keywords: cafe racer; motorcycle
Downloads: 190
[movies]decaf -- my 1978 honda CB400A cafe racer modified bike -- part 2 - Tracey Jaquith
Speedometer and instruments replacement project followup
Keywords: cafe racer; CB400A; hondamatic; project bike
Downloads: 3,664
[movies]decaf -- my 1978 honda CB400A cafe racer modified bike - Tracey Jaquith
My 1978 honda "hondamatic" CB400A cafe racer modified bike project. The "A" is for automatic (a clutch-less 2 speed "low" and "high" geared bike), so I named her "decaf". My first/primary goal is to remove the ridiculously large/lame instrument section into a single smaller combined speedo/odometer/"idiot lights" chrome single instrument, and relocate the key/ignition. For me, this is kinda ambitious! But fun to learn and customize something you love 8-) Pictures of: ** The factory 1978 version ...
Keywords: cafe racer; motorcycle; honda; project bike; hondamatic; CB400A
Downloads: 2,552
[movies]Time-lapse overlooking the San Francisco bay (on Labor Day) -- with a 150 foot tree removal - Tracey Jaquith
Time-lapse of 17 hours on Labor Day 2012 overlooking the San Francisco bay. Our downhill neighbor decided to remove a roughly 150 foot eucalyptus (that appeared to be dying) and it bumped our view of the Bay up amazingly. It's broken into 3 segments right now: (1) Canon SLR ~4:45am-10am (~3700 images) ==> 1728x1152 60fps h.264 .mp4 (~16 Mb/s) (2) iPhone4S ~10am-2:30pm (~4400 images) ==> 1296x968 30fps h.264 .mp4 (~10 Mb/s) (3) Canon SLR ~3:15pm-9:40pm (~4400 images) ==> 1728x1152 60fps h.264 .mp...
Keywords: time-lapse; San Francisco bay; bay area; bay view
Downloads: 1,673
[movies]Cape Cod marsh sunrise time-lapse in HD - Tracey Jaquith
HD time-lapse recording of a sunset over a marsh on Cape Cod. It consists of 5,749 JPEG still frames, shot with iPhone at 1920x1080 pixels, every 4 seconds. It was approximately 4:45am-11:am. I sped up the frames to a 30fps AVI then used iMovie to change speeds for three main sections: 1st section (start to 2nd "lens flare" of sunrise) four times speedup 2nd section (after the lens flares) eight times speedup 3rd section (variable speed, but mostly 1/2 times slowed down, with zooming in/out and ...
Keywords: sunrise; cape cod; time-lapse; marsh; HD
Downloads: 1,478
[movies]The Drake Saga - ASCII art video! - Tracey Jaquith
A reformat of The Drake Saga1 short lightsaber video redone into ASCII art! There's even an HD/SD toggle in the video player for 4x more/less characters 8-) Still image from the video How to Here's how I did it (this is a bash script): set -x; SRC=; FPS=30; HD=0; mkdir -p ~/_/aa-sd/; mkdir -p ~/_/aa/; if [ "$HD" == "1" ]; then cd ~/_/aa/; HT=136; PG="2500x2136" CROP="-crop 0x93% +repage" # sure IMagick, sure (makes 2500x1986) SZ=1280x960;...
Keywords: ascii art; lightsabers
Downloads: 2,976
[movies]RE-mix of The Drake Saga - Tracey Jaquith
Drake Saga Remix I had fun rearranging gops (Groups Of Pictures) from my 2007 video The Drake Saga and giving it a catchy bootie mashup audio track called Justice for Billie Jean A Group of Pictures is a concept for video compression. Each one is: a full frame (AKA "keyframe" or "I-frame") (kinda like a JPEG, etc.) of a video followed by partial frames (AKA "P-frames" and "B-frames") (imagine a bunch of smaller tiles that contain parts of the video for the changing areas)...
Keywords: remix; video rearrange; mashup
Downloads: 1,206
mashups, primarily from bootie mashup or played during one of their shows. I started this after hearing the amazing DNA Lounge Live: Bootie SF: Holiday Party (2011-12-10) 6-hour show and found most of the 15 songs I couldn't stop listening to. I've added another 15 songs I've heard from other shows, etc. Much of them are from/feature: A Plus D Divide & Kreate DJ Lobsterdust Titus Jones DJ Tripp etc...
Keywords: bootie; mashups; compilation best of; nelly; bee gees; LMFAO; blur; katy perry; my chemical romance; rihanna; britney spears; michael jackson; Lady GaGa; Daft Punk; Queen; Glee cast; Rob Zombie; Ke$ha; Eurythymics; M.I.A; Ying Yang Twins; The Cure; Eazy E; Johnny Cash; Pixies; Bon Jovi; Coldplay; Wreckx-N-Effect; Journey; The Police; Wham; Gwen Stefani; Kylie Minogue; La Roux; The Outfield; Afrojack; Florence + The Machine; Belinda Carlisle; Leona Lewis; Vanilla Ice; The Ting Tings; Avril Lavigne; Smashing Pumpkins; C.r.e.a.m; A+D; DJ Tripp; Party Ben; DJ Lobsterdust; Divide & Kreate; Titus Jones; Pytski
Downloads: 64,587 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]kittehs - Tracey Jaquith
kittehs! sisters enjoying a lazy sunny noon on the bed. i kinda mostly made this to show a short(-n-sweet) example of a 16x9 widescreen HD/SD toggle-able video that we can use an example for those wanting to get their videos in two qualities at (and i love my catz)
Keywords: cats; purr
Downloads: 4,867
[movies]I See Clay People
Internet Archive Great Room is full of little people
Keywords: clay figurines; pews
Downloads: 1,763
[movies]2012 Camaro RS Transformers Edition - Tracey Jaquith
2012 Transformers Camaro RS V6 Having fun with attempt to test 0-60 mph... Automatic, manual mode, traction control off, paddle shifters [Recorded with two iPhones]
Keywords: camaro; transformers; bumblebee
Downloads: 8,346 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(4 reviews)
[movies]More Books! - Tracey Jaquith
MORE BOOKS! Friends of the San Francisco Public Library donated 130,000 used books from their annual book sale to the Internet Archive. About 50 volunteers and employees cataloged, sorted, and moved the books to the new Physical Archive in Richmond. Let's watch them go! (and thank you all !!)
Keywords: time-lapse; books; SFPL
Downloads: 28,822
[movies]lotus-drifting - Tracey Jaquith
Having fun with playstation3 and Gran Turismo5 running a "drift time trial" with one of my favorite cars, the Lotus Elise
Keywords: drifting; car games; replay
Downloads: 9,257
[movies]road250 - Tracey Jaquith
Our great friend, Peter Lavoie, celebrated his 50th birthday at a meditation center in the Santa Cruz mountains. We made this for him! Original music "The Eastern Star Express" from Hunter Lee Brown
Keywords: time-lapse; driving; bay area; santa cruz mountains
Downloads: 1,290 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Dance for the Rescues - Tracey Jaquith
Promotional video I did for great animal rescue charity event "Dance for the Rescues" happening Oct. 9, 2011 See their site for more info and join us!
Keywords: animal rescue; dance; fundraiser
Downloads: 3,015 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Kauai sunrise time-lapse - Tracey Jaquith
Kauai sunrise during my winter trip with friends for a magical week!
Keywords: kauai; hawaii; sunrise; time-lapse
Downloads: 2,038 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]little fingers - Tracey Jaquith
short excerpt from hunter's AIDS LifeCycle video that is one of our cuter interactions ever on video 8-)
Keywords: biking; cuteness
Downloads: 1,181
[movies]The Train from Spain rides Mainly on the Plane - Tracey Jaquith
The Train from Spain rides Mainly on the Plane Kinda fun HD 720p video of my tiny camera taped onto my 3-year-old nephew's matchbox-sized train. The camera weight and size meant it couldn't go up train hills or tight spaces, so it was a flat track with "elbow room". Choo choo!
Keywords: toy train; miniature
Downloads: 1,533
[movies]Internet Archive Holiday Party at 300 Funston - Tracey Jaquith
Time Lapse from day of 2010 Internet Archive holiday party (at 300 Funston Ave, SF). This is our relatively new and interesting downstairs workspace where we have open work "pods" as well as little niches and couch areas for discussions and collaboration. Fun notes: You can see a large clock with spinning hands in the upper right corner! This is my longest time lapse ever -- over 8 hours recorded! There is model train set in the left area on a table that you *may* be able to see circle and blow...
Keywords: time-lapse
Downloads: 8,273 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(5 reviews)
test of the canon elph sd1400 hills of Irvine, CA at sunset
Keywords: test
Downloads: 631
[movies]Bali vacation 2010 - Tracey Jaquith
For the Balinese collection, go to Two week vacation to the glorious island of Bali, summer 2010. Bali is culturally fascinating -- full of very happy and cooperative people unlike any place I've seen. Here are some interesting tidbits/observances: Bali is an amazing isolated place whose people typically lives communally and is based off of the agriculture of rice...
Keywords: bali; island; asia; vacation; time-lapse
Downloads: 3,956 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[image]Bali-2010 - Tracey Jaquith
Two week trip to Bali in Aug 2010
Keywords: Bali; vacation; Indonesia
Downloads: 56
[image]suicide queen - tracey jaquith
tracey's original suicide queen
Keywords: suicide queen; queen of hearts; king of hearts
Downloads: 1,713
[movies]Mendocino Camping - Tracey Jaquith
A wonderful 3-day weekend of camping in Todd's land. We took a different and wildly adventurous drive home this time, with 50 miles of beautiful wilderness... Happy Birthday, Todd!
Keywords: mendocino; camping
Downloads: 823
[image]Winery bikeride at Sunset - Tracey Jaquith
Self-portrait biking around Alexander Valley wineries in California.
Keywords: biking; vineyards
Downloads: 72
[movies]Star Wars re-remastered to high quality 1977 version! - Tracey Jaquith
Star Wars re - remastered! What is wrong with this picture? (top is 2004 DVD; bottom is 1977 version DVD) (hints: added flying object; dewback; are those *roman soldiers*?!) Here's the problem: - you love Star Wars - you like high quality restored video and audio - you are a purist and didn't like the added computer graphics (CG) junk to the 2004 DVD box set version - you want the cleaned up video and audio, but without the baggage of those changes! (See the changes in the film side-by-side in ...
Keywords: star wars; remaster
Downloads: 22,873 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(6 reviews)
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